Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Homework Wednesday 29/1/14

1. Wear red tee-shirt & school uniform bottom(long pants/culottes) for tomorrow.

1. Do corrections for the English diagnostic test by Next Wednesday

1. Print the chemistry poster.

Note: Start revising for level test 1 now.
[Reminder]1. Do Assignment A02c by next Wednesday on foolscap.

1. Do the composition.

2. Do the pg 25 of textbook according to the picture above.

1. Read geography textbook pg 9-17

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homework Tuesday 28/1/14

Social Studies
1. Do the crossword puzzle on page 13 of the lesson package.

Design Studies
[Reminder]1. Assignment 1 Due tomorrow 9pm(On your allocated design movement/designer)[Advice: around 250 words only]

Make a presentation on 3 Concepts of solutions that you will make. It should be detailed, and each concept must be quite different from each other. You have to include the sketch of the design and a sketch of how people would use it.

1. Do the worksheet from page 4-9.

Note: There is a quiz on Quad. Ineq. tomorrow. Please revise.
1. Do Assignment A02c by next Wednesday on foolscap.

2. Do the completing the square worksheet by tomorrow.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework 27/1/14

Social Studies
1. Please go to Popular to get your Social Studies Sec4 Textbook ASAP.

2. Do Activity 8 of your Lesson Package

1. Comment on the post in the google + community titled "Do you agree with the writer that punitive measures are not the only options against internet trolls?"

2. Download the SVA Worksheet from your SST Email and fill it up and save it.

1. File Worksheet 1(the one torn out from the workbook) in your yellow ring file.

1. Math Worksheet Page 34 & 35 Examples 18, 19 and 20(the one we did the discriminants in class today)

2. If you haven't yet, fill up Example 15 on page 32 of the same worksheet

Just a note, I only post homework that was given that day and not homework that will be due the next day, so you have to record that yourself sorry.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Homework Friday 24/1/14

Note: There would be a quiz on quadratic inequalities on monday. Please revise.
1. Read up on the Nature Of Roots(A math)

2. Do Assignment A02b Tier A and B by Wednesday.

3. Complete page 30, 31 and 32 of the worksheet.

1. Make a poster to educate the public about Singapore's water sources.

1. Use your physics textbook to do corrections for physics worksheet 1.

2. Worksheet 2A and 2B due by Monday

1. Comment on this

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Homework 23/1/14

1. Solve example 13-15 in the worksheet using the graphical method.

2. Bring Graphing Calculator

3. Do the math assessment thing given out by rachel by 7th February. 

1. Complete the chemistry practical worksheet with the help of your textbook.

1. Draw a graph and use it to solve Q2 from activity 1 on page 14 of the notes-worksheet thing.

1. Workbook pg 5-7

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Homework Wednesday 22/1/14

1. Solve the following 3 problems on a piece of foolscap.

(1) x+1<11<2x+6

(2) 3x-3≤5x+9≤x+35

(3) 2x+3>(7x+6)/4≥3x+2

2. Bring Graphing Calculator

1. English PT (Due Week 7)

2. Topic Sentences Worksheet (Due by next monday[27/1/14])
1. Geography presentation(Due tomorrow)

1. If you have not completed the chemistry practical worksheet in the lab, do page 2-3.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Homework Tuesday 21/1/14

1. Worksheet Page 40 Question 1-5(Tier A and B) on foolscap due: Friday.

2. Do Page 22 and 23 of the maths worksheet

3. Read about quadratic inequalities in the worksheet.

Social Studies
Note: Get your Sec 4 Textbook by this weekend.
1. Comment on any presentation of the Doges on the person's contributions to Venice and its impacts.

1. Do Workbook page 10 to 16.

1. Bring your chinese file and put it on the cupboards on the right side of the class.

2. Do the corrections for the diagnostic test.

3. Do Chinese workbook page 1-3.

1. Do Workbook 2A and 2B.

2. Do Page 12 to 14 of the physics worksheet.

Design Studies
1. From all your problems you identified, find the main issues or issues with possible innovative solutions. then define it clearly and make a presentation covering

1. Who
2. What
3. When 
4. Where 
5. Why
6. How

2. Research on your allocated design movement or designer and make a report on it. Refer to your worksheet for more information.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Homework Monday 20/1/14

1. Finish planning your goals.

2. Sign the Assessment Plan Form. (the one with the tables with performance tasks, level tests etc. on it.)

1. Label your your graphic calculator

2. Use your graphic calculator to do the challenge on page 11.

3. Do page 12-15 by tomorrow.

4. Do A02a pg40 question 1-5 on Foolscap by friday.

Social Studies
Note: Get your Sec 4 Textbook by this weekend.
1. Do the presentation on your Doge by tomorrow.

1. Do the notes page 9-11

1. Type the composition before 1st May

2. Touch up your PEEL paragraph according to the comments in the G+ page

Design Studies
1. Answer the question "How can we use design thinking to change lives?"

Friday, 17 January 2014

Homework Friday 17/1/14

Note: Lesson in Chem Lab 1 on Wednesday next week.

1. Research on the global challenges of getting clean water.

-That's it for today please revise what we have learnt about alpha and beta roots-

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Homework Thursday 16/1/14

1. If you have not bought your graphing calculator, please do so by tomorrow.

2. Get your parents to check their emails, because the school has sent out a email regarding the SPM(School Parent Meeting).

1. Do the worksheet titled "Quadratic Functions-Completing the Square" on foolscap paper by tomorrow.

1. Go to the geography facebook page and join the group instead.

1. Do the chinese workbook from page 1-5

2. Fill in the chinese textbook's page 9.

1. Do the physics worksheet page 5-8

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Payment for Distinction in English Book

Dear 3-03,

The following students have not paid for the book yet:

1) Jie Han
2) Huda
3) Itmam
4) Kabir
5) Danish
6) Roger
7) Nicholas

Kindly bring the money latest by Friday, 17 Jan.

Thank you.

Ms Chua

Homework Wednesday 15/1/14

1. Prepare $160 for Graphic Calculator tomorrow.

1. Print Chemistry mindmap by today

2. Print Chemistry activity (21st Century one) by Friday

3. Do the Chemistry report by Monday and print one per group


1. Factorise the following quadratic equations on foolscap paper by completing the square.

(1) x²-12x+32

(2) x²+7x-44
(3) 2x²-7x-9
(4) 3x²-5x+2
(5) 4x²-20x+25
(6) 7-38x-5x²

1. Do the PEEL table on the back of the english worksheet and One person to post it on the G+ community.


1. Total marks from the diagnostic test and file it in the red geo file.

2. Like the geography Facebook Page at

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

CCA Record

Dear 3-03,

Please be reminded to submit the above to Rachel by Friday, 17 Jan. Here are a few reminders by Mr Jerome Tan:

1) Students to ignore the CCA points and verify the events only.
2) Students to sign and date on page 1.
3) Corrections, erratum must be clearly written.
4) Added events to include details like proper event names, teacher ic, year of event.

Kindly adhere to the deadline.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ms Chua

Homework Tuesday 14/1/14

Social Studies
1.  Comment on the post [Lesson 2...] Refer to the Video "The building of the Beautiful Venice"

2. Do Activity 4 Page 7

1. Do page 1-6 of the new quadratic equations worksheet.

Design Studies
1. Look around MRT stations and Bus stops and find any problems/needs related to the type of people you are targeting.

1. Download Tracker from,.rtf&authkey=!AJghb_mlwFP-99M

1. Do the chinese worksheet(The one with a table) 

2. Prepare for 听写

1. Rewrite Diagnostic Test Section B 

2. Do Paul's Wheel of Analysis

1. Finish the worksheet on Cells(2)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Homework Monday 13/1/14

1. Do reflection for CIP on googlesite main page.

Social Studies

Note: There is SS Diagnostic Test tomorrow.
- Topic: Golden Ages
- 2 SBQ
- 1 SEQ

1. Buy Sec 4 Social Studies Textbook

2. Find a picture about the interesting thing about Venice you found today and comment it tomorrow in the SS community.

1. Do MCQ Question 1-9, Structured Question 1-2, Free Response 1-2, Page 10(Workbook).

Design Studies
1. Answer Mr Irfan's Question on Facebook (
1) State 2 key points that you have understood about Design Thinking from the video?
2) State how you can use these key points into your Design Studies lessons, and real life?)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Homework Friday 10/1/12

Please come to school 

1. Comment your contact number in the class group for the Emergency Relay System.

Note: Monday Quiz on definitions of:
-evaluative functions
-function notations

Note: Wednesday Quiz on functions and relations.

1. Do all the questions in Chapter A01 Functions and Relations worksheet. If you have questions write them on the side of the paper.

2. Find the difference between a Law and a Theorem.

1.Print the chemistry concept map and place it in your chemistry file.

2. Do your 5minute presentation on the gas you are assigned.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Homework Thursday 9/1/14

1. Comment your contact number in the class group for the Emergency Relay System.

2. Sign the SDM form.

1. Bring money for Distinction in English 'O' Level Comprehension Book($14.60)

2. Fill in the KWL chart for Expository writing.

3. Fill in the Outline on the worksheet "5 Paragraph Essay Sample"

Math (From yesterday with more notes)
Note: Ms Tan sent us the presentation slides in our SST email. Please look through the slides whilst completing the worksheet.

1. Do all the questions in Chapter A01 Functions and Relations worksheet. If you have questions write them on the side of the paper.

2. Find the difference between a Law and a Theorem.

Note: Physics Diagnostic Test on Friday(Tomorrow) at Seminar Room
Bring: LD and writing materials.

1. Finish Worksheet 1 by Monday.

1. Download the Chemistry Theory File Content Page from your SST email and change the General Remarks of the Measurement and Experimental Techniques Concept Map from "Created using" to "Created using MindNode".

2. Form 3 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 6 for tomorrow's chemistry class.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SST Classroom Decoration Competition 2014

SST Classroom Decoration Competition 2014

There will be a Classroom Decoration Competition coming up.

Each class Exco members will lead the class in this project. Students need to submit a short write-up (less than 100 words) to explain to the judges how the class decoration is related to their class mission, goals and code of conduct.

Guidelines to adhere to:
      Students are encouraged to use recycled materials. There will be no reimbursement of expenses incurred.
      Safety of the classroom should not be compromised.
      The decoration should be done in a tasteful manner i.e. there should be no offensive language, symbols or pictures used.
      Painting of the classroom is not allowed.
      Please take care of the equipment provided by the school. Cost of any damage done to any school property will be borne by the class.
      Areas to note:
o      Notice-boards need to be allocated for different subjects and announcements. Eg. Duty roster.
o      Classroom must be clean and neat.
o      The locker area is clean and free from clutter.
o      Class mission, goals and code of conduct are clearly displayed.
o      The items in the class cupboards are neatly arranged.
o      Class Seating Plan is prominently displayed at the teacher’s table.

The competition will assess students on the following:
      Class Theme reflects their mission, goals and code of conduct. (30%)
      Overall presentation and use of space inside the classroom (30%)
      Creativity (10%)
      Effort (10%)
      Classroom cleanliness (10%)
      Use of recycled material (10%)

Judging will take place on 27 Jan 2014 from 3 p.m. onwards.
Prizes will be given out for each respective levels. 

Homework Wednesday 8/1/14

Finish up the Diagnostic Test Section A and B by Tuesday

1. Read finish chapter 2 of chemistry textbook.

1. Do all the questions in Chapter A01 Math Functions and Relations. If you have questions write them on the side of the paper.

2. Find the difference between a Law and a Theorem.

- That's all for today remember to revise what we learnt. -

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Homework Tuesday 7/1/14

Social Studies
1. Look at the lesson outline. (Page 11)

2. Reply to this question: (What do you think is the importance of Social Studies in Singapore?)

1. Put the Lab Safety handout in your Chemistry File.

1. Finish up the Math Introduction worksheet

2. Read up on functions and relations for tomorrow's lesson (don't have to do anything).

Design Studies
1. Get a A3 sketchbook
2. Get a A4 ring file for submissions
3. Finish up your carrier/holder/organiser by next tuesday. You are allowed to use materials from your home.

1. Finish the worksheet up till activity 3.

2. Read up on how to use Vernier Calipers and Micrometer Screw Gauge in your textbook.

1. Go to the chinese blog( and fill in the googleform.

2. Bring your purple chinese file by monday.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Purchase of CE Journal

Dear 3-03,

Please bring $2.35 to pay for the CE Journal by 8 Jan (Wed). Kindly also bring the exact amount.

Huda: please help me to collect the money and use the class list to keep track.

Thank you.

Ms Chua

Homework Monday 6/1/14

Report to classroom for assembly and bring a thermometer for temperature taking.

1. Get 5 dividers and label them:

a. Paper 1
b. Paper 2
c. Grammar/Vocabulary
d. Oral
e. Others

2. Make 3 personal SMART goals and 3 SMART goals for English, Email to Ms Chua at (Visit for info on SMART goals)

1. Get a math notebook (Preferably A5)

2. Read up on Chapter A01: Function and Relations for Tomorrow's lesson.

Design Studies
1. Get a A3 sketchbook
2. Get a A4 file for submissions
3. Join the Facebook group "Design Studies 2014 (Tuesday)"

1. Refer to your physics textbook and fill in Activity 1c

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Announcements for Term 1 Week 1

Dear 3-03,

Please take note of the following for Week 1:

1. Temperature-taking Exercise on 7 Jan (Tue)
  • Please remember to bring your thermometer, otherwise you will have to pay $5 to buy a new one.

2. Attire and Grooming Check
  • Please refer to the school's policy below:

3. Nomination of S & W Representatives
  • I have already sent you the form via email for you to submit your nominations. Please do so by 6 Jan (Mon).

4. Submission of Forms
  • Submit Progress Report and Service-Learning consent form if you have not done so. Submit the AUP form by 6 Jan (Mon) to Rachel as well. Rachel: Please collect and submit to GO together with the class list.

5. OBS Medical Check-up
  • From Mr Jerome Tan:
We are conducting an OBS medical check-up for all Sec 3 students this coming Monday 6 Jan.  Please allow the students who have CCAs on that day to leave at 2.40pm to go for their check-up.
      Please remind all students to proceed directly to LO1 to see me immediately after dismissal.  Students who do not intend to have the check-up done in school will still need to report to me first before dismissal from school.

      6. Class Decoration Committee
      • Pick a theme that encompasses class mission, goals and code of conduct (hint: make sure these three are CLEARLY displayed) 
      • Submit a 100 word write-up to explain how the theme reflects the 3 areas. 
      • Use RECYCLED items & be creative
      • No funding provided
      • Class cleanliness is taken into consideration - items in cupboards must be neatly arranged, locker area free of misplaced items
      • Judging will take place on 27 Jan (Mon) from 3 p.m onwards

      7. Emergency Relay System
      • I will be working on this together with the EXCO committee. Details will be released to you in due course.

      That's all for now.

      Thank you.

      Ms Lily Chua

      Friday, 3 January 2014

      Biology Diagnostic Test

      Dear 3-03,

      I am posting this on behalf of Ms Shireen.

      Please be informed that the Biology Diagnostic Test will be conducted during the third lesson next week.

      Thank you.

      Ms Chua

      Thursday, 2 January 2014

      Temporary Class Committee Positions

      Below are the class positions until after OBS (until week 5)

      Class Committee
      Chairperson: Shawnn Tan
      Vice-Chairperson: Rachel Mark
      Secetary: Ian Hong
      Treasurer: Isabella (Yadi) Nay Myo

      Welfare/Service Learning: Puteri Nur Huda, Joseph Yong
      Cyberwellness: Jarrett Kow, Kabir Bhugtiar
      National Education: Roger Ong, Ryan Goh, Nicholas Wong, Chan Kuang Seng

      S&W Reps to be appointed.