Sunday, 5 January 2014

Announcements for Term 1 Week 1

Dear 3-03,

Please take note of the following for Week 1:

1. Temperature-taking Exercise on 7 Jan (Tue)
  • Please remember to bring your thermometer, otherwise you will have to pay $5 to buy a new one.

2. Attire and Grooming Check
  • Please refer to the school's policy below:

3. Nomination of S & W Representatives
  • I have already sent you the form via email for you to submit your nominations. Please do so by 6 Jan (Mon).

4. Submission of Forms
  • Submit Progress Report and Service-Learning consent form if you have not done so. Submit the AUP form by 6 Jan (Mon) to Rachel as well. Rachel: Please collect and submit to GO together with the class list.

5. OBS Medical Check-up
  • From Mr Jerome Tan:
We are conducting an OBS medical check-up for all Sec 3 students this coming Monday 6 Jan.  Please allow the students who have CCAs on that day to leave at 2.40pm to go for their check-up.
      Please remind all students to proceed directly to LO1 to see me immediately after dismissal.  Students who do not intend to have the check-up done in school will still need to report to me first before dismissal from school.

      6. Class Decoration Committee
      • Pick a theme that encompasses class mission, goals and code of conduct (hint: make sure these three are CLEARLY displayed) 
      • Submit a 100 word write-up to explain how the theme reflects the 3 areas. 
      • Use RECYCLED items & be creative
      • No funding provided
      • Class cleanliness is taken into consideration - items in cupboards must be neatly arranged, locker area free of misplaced items
      • Judging will take place on 27 Jan (Mon) from 3 p.m onwards

      7. Emergency Relay System
      • I will be working on this together with the EXCO committee. Details will be released to you in due course.

      That's all for now.

      Thank you.

      Ms Lily Chua

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