Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework 27/1/14

Social Studies
1. Please go to Popular to get your Social Studies Sec4 Textbook ASAP.

2. Do Activity 8 of your Lesson Package

1. Comment on the post in the google + community titled "Do you agree with the writer that punitive measures are not the only options against internet trolls?"

2. Download the SVA Worksheet from your SST Email and fill it up and save it.

1. File Worksheet 1(the one torn out from the workbook) in your yellow ring file.

1. Math Worksheet Page 34 & 35 Examples 18, 19 and 20(the one we did the discriminants in class today)

2. If you haven't yet, fill up Example 15 on page 32 of the same worksheet

Just a note, I only post homework that was given that day and not homework that will be due the next day, so you have to record that yourself sorry.

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