Monday, 13 January 2014

Homework Monday 13/1/14

1. Do reflection for CIP on googlesite main page.

Social Studies

Note: There is SS Diagnostic Test tomorrow.
- Topic: Golden Ages
- 2 SBQ
- 1 SEQ

1. Buy Sec 4 Social Studies Textbook

2. Find a picture about the interesting thing about Venice you found today and comment it tomorrow in the SS community.

1. Do MCQ Question 1-9, Structured Question 1-2, Free Response 1-2, Page 10(Workbook).

Design Studies
1. Answer Mr Irfan's Question on Facebook (
1) State 2 key points that you have understood about Design Thinking from the video?
2) State how you can use these key points into your Design Studies lessons, and real life?)

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