Monday, 20 January 2014

Homework Monday 20/1/14

1. Finish planning your goals.

2. Sign the Assessment Plan Form. (the one with the tables with performance tasks, level tests etc. on it.)

1. Label your your graphic calculator

2. Use your graphic calculator to do the challenge on page 11.

3. Do page 12-15 by tomorrow.

4. Do A02a pg40 question 1-5 on Foolscap by friday.

Social Studies
Note: Get your Sec 4 Textbook by this weekend.
1. Do the presentation on your Doge by tomorrow.

1. Do the notes page 9-11

1. Type the composition before 1st May

2. Touch up your PEEL paragraph according to the comments in the G+ page

Design Studies
1. Answer the question "How can we use design thinking to change lives?"

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