Monday, 6 January 2014

Homework Monday 6/1/14

Report to classroom for assembly and bring a thermometer for temperature taking.

1. Get 5 dividers and label them:

a. Paper 1
b. Paper 2
c. Grammar/Vocabulary
d. Oral
e. Others

2. Make 3 personal SMART goals and 3 SMART goals for English, Email to Ms Chua at (Visit for info on SMART goals)

1. Get a math notebook (Preferably A5)

2. Read up on Chapter A01: Function and Relations for Tomorrow's lesson.

Design Studies
1. Get a A3 sketchbook
2. Get a A4 file for submissions
3. Join the Facebook group "Design Studies 2014 (Tuesday)"

1. Refer to your physics textbook and fill in Activity 1c

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