Thursday, 9 January 2014

Homework Thursday 9/1/14

1. Comment your contact number in the class group for the Emergency Relay System.

2. Sign the SDM form.

1. Bring money for Distinction in English 'O' Level Comprehension Book($14.60)

2. Fill in the KWL chart for Expository writing.

3. Fill in the Outline on the worksheet "5 Paragraph Essay Sample"

Math (From yesterday with more notes)
Note: Ms Tan sent us the presentation slides in our SST email. Please look through the slides whilst completing the worksheet.

1. Do all the questions in Chapter A01 Functions and Relations worksheet. If you have questions write them on the side of the paper.

2. Find the difference between a Law and a Theorem.

Note: Physics Diagnostic Test on Friday(Tomorrow) at Seminar Room
Bring: LD and writing materials.

1. Finish Worksheet 1 by Monday.

1. Download the Chemistry Theory File Content Page from your SST email and change the General Remarks of the Measurement and Experimental Techniques Concept Map from "Created using" to "Created using MindNode".

2. Form 3 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 6 for tomorrow's chemistry class.

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