Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Homework Wednesday 15/1/14

1. Prepare $160 for Graphic Calculator tomorrow.

1. Print Chemistry mindmap by today

2. Print Chemistry activity (21st Century one) by Friday

3. Do the Chemistry report by Monday and print one per group


1. Factorise the following quadratic equations on foolscap paper by completing the square.

(1) x²-12x+32

(2) x²+7x-44
(3) 2x²-7x-9
(4) 3x²-5x+2
(5) 4x²-20x+25
(6) 7-38x-5x²

1. Do the PEEL table on the back of the english worksheet and One person to post it on the G+ community.


1. Total marks from the diagnostic test and file it in the red geo file.

2. Like the geography Facebook Page at

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