Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Homework Tuesday 18/2/14

1. On friday, report to classroom for morning assembly.

Social Studies
1. Do SEQ 4.3A on foolscap.

2. Make the mindmap on page 16 of your lesson package by using the email Mr Tan sent you.

1. Upload your completed Chemistry notes for "S3Chem_AtomicStructure" and Chemistry Poster to your chem google drive folder.
1. Tidy up your blog.

[reminder]2. Physics Worksheet 3
<homework may not be accurate for this subject>

1. Hand up your
a. 活动本
b. 电
to JieHan
<homework may not be accurate for this subject>

Design Studies
1. Complete Assignment 2 by March 4th (next next Tuesday) (watch videos and do mindmaps)

2. Start making your prototypes (probably out of foam). Those concepts which you are not making physically, make it in google sketchup. For example, if you are only making 2 prototypes out of your 3 concepts, make the rest of the concepts (1) in Google Sketchup.

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