Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Homework Tuesday 4/2/14

Social Studies
1. Page 14 of the lesson package.

2. Read page 85-92 of the SS textbook and do page 4(activity 1)

Note: tomorrow's lesson in the chemistry lab.
1. Bring $7.30 for the chemistry 10 year series.

2. Check your SST email for the invitation to ToKToL_Chemistry.

3. Check your email for the chemistry practical worksheet on Kinetic Particle Theory and prepare to fill in answers tomorrow.

1. Do chinese worksheet until page 16.

Design Studies
1. Scan and compress(zip) your 3 best concepts(don't just do 3) and a word document on your design problem(last week's 5w1h) and email it to Mr Irfan by this Friday 5pm.

zipped document includes
1. Concept 1
2. Concept 2
3. Concept 3
4. 5w1h word doc.

1. Do the workbook worksheet 3

1. Math worksheet page 3-6

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