Monday, 21 April 2014

Some Important Reminders

Dear 3-03,

As you would have been aware by now in your third year in SST, whenever you are absent from school, you would need to:

1) submit either a Medical Certificate or a parent's letter (maximum 3 times a year) once you come back to school.

2) submit your PINK Late Slip (upper portion to me; lower portion to your parents) if you are not in ISH during flag-raising ceremony.

Failing to do so timely will result in your attendance being marked AB NR (Absent with No Reason). Sometimes, your Secretary or Chairperson will forget to update me later in the day - if you are late for school - and as a result, a lot of tracking needs to be done to update the class attendance on SDM one or two weeks later.

Hence, I would like to seek your cooperation on this matter so that time can be used more effectively during or after lessons.

Thank you.

Ms Chua

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